Quality Auditing

Separate from research management, AURNI provides auditing of quality management for research programs and research projects. Audits are led by quality management professionals certified by the American Society for Quality. Marketing research buyers use our quality audits to identify opportunities for process improvements and to provide a high level of confidence in the reliability of their marketing research programs.

Quality audits help marketing research buyers achieve numerous management objectives:

  • evaluating overall competencies of new marketing research suppliers,
  • assessing the capabilities of a supplier to conduct a specific research project / program;
  • measuring consistency of processes and outputs over time and across markets or business units.

AURNI’s auditing services are scalable to fit a wide scope of projects – from an ad hoc to tracking research, from single market to regional coverage, and from single-interview samples to large-scale sample sizes. AURNI provides auditing services in the Japan, China, Korea, and Taiwan markets.